So who am I?

I am J Edward Cook – my professional name. Most people call me John, some call me Cookie.

And what do I do?

I make fine artwork – some for everyday use and some for long term collecting investments.

Why the difference? I do it because everyone has different needs but make no mistake, I consider all of my work to be fine art regardless of the price point or entry level that you are currently in and to me you are all equally important.

I started out at a very young age with a camera and like most people, I wasn’t very good at it, but I got better.

Then more things happened in my life and I still had a camera – and my photography got better.

I am used to being alone. I am completely comfortable going out there somewhere for days on end alone and taking pictures and as I did so, my photography got better.

I also started doing films and have won several awards for them. But regardless of any film award that I have won, or will win, the most important one was for ‘Best use of Music’ for my film ‘Welcome to the Club’ which would have made my mother proud. I say, would have made her proud, because she is now deceased and the movie was about the stages of death that a person goes through as they die and in this case the person dying was her and she was a musician.

So after at least forty years of taking pictures, have I gotten better? Yes.

Will I continue to take pictures? Yes.

I recently saw a movie, where one of the characters, kept telling one of their kids who kept failing miserably, ‘practice is the road to perfection’.

God himself said, “Be thou perfect, even as I am perfect.’

I have much more practice to do and as I do so, my artwork will get better.

I hope you enjoy your time here and have a pleasant day.