J. Edward Cook was born in the City of Toronto and spent most of his early childhood there.

After that period he spent most of his summers at a boys camp in North Central Ontario where he grew to love being outdoors by living in tents and becoming used to living a rugged outdoor lifestyle.

He worked hard and has obtained a Baking Techniques Diploma, a Digital Media Design Diploma, a Business Certificate and two Technical Certificates in Computers. Even with these John still takes an active learning in things of interest to him.

As for photography, he first took an interest in it by watching his grandfathers Super 8 home movies and helped him edit them on occasions. He was also taught some of the basics of composition and went on himself from there.

The rest of his photographic skills have been self-taught and through trial and error he eventually found his style in Landscapes & Contemporary Artwork.

J. Edward Cook has been often commented on how his Landscape works evoke feelings of peace & serenity to the viewers while his contemporary works have caused people to say, “Wow look at that.” or “That’s different.”

J. Edward Cook continues to be out there somewhere in the wilderness or in the city and promises to have more events and shows in the future so you can see his work first hand.