This is where you get to read about me and I’m not entirely sure about why we, as humans, are so interested in this stuff.

I, for example, was born like so many others before me and am still alive typing this out for you to read. It’s either that or else I have passed onto the great beyond and someone else is typing it out for me – if the latter is the case then I hope they are saying nice things about me.

So, what do you want to know? We’ve already established that I was born and am currently alive, but you probably now want to know where – Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Have I always lived here?

Gee, what else is there?

Did I mention that I am alive? Yes, yes I did.

I really shouldn’t be:
– mom almost got hit by a train driving a car while I was in still in the womb.
– had mumps, measles and chicken pox all at the same time when I was two and not a happy camper.
– had a mastoid operation to suck poisonous fluid from my inner ear canal about the same time. It also might be one of the reasons I tend to shout a little when speaking.
– got hit by lightening
– almost run over by a truck

The last two didn’t happen because of my guardian angel. It’s true!

With the lightening – it felt like someone had their hands around my knee stopping the flow of electricity from going any further into my body.

With the truck a voice screamed in my head, “SIDEWALK NOW!!!” I took my bike onto the side walk and two seconds later a very fast moving truck was occupying the space I had just been on my bike. Had I not done this, I wouldn’t be typing this out for you now.

I also had a discussion with this angel once in Montreal and the discussion went like this:

Me – I think I’ll check out the Birks Jewelry Store.
Angel (the voice in my head) – Don’t go into Birks right now.
Me – Ah maybe not, it’s getting close to lunch time, but eating is over that way Birks is right over there and I won’t be coming back this way.
Angel – Don’t go into Birks right now.
Me – I’ll think I’ll pop in and take a quick look around.
Me – ah, you’re right, let’s go get something to eat.

Later that afternoon, I found out that if I had gone into Birks at that moment in time, I would have been walking right into the middle of a very violent armed robbery.

Well that’s about enough of my exciting life for now.

Oh and before I forget…I make photographic art.

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