Welcome to my Galleries Page – this area is always under construction because I keep adding in new stuff and take away others 🙂

The Gallery is divided into two sections:

Section 1 – Picture in associated categories (i.e. all floral types put together)

Section 2 – Print Medium – this is the type of paper that I print the images on and  the images will be randomly mixed together.

Click an item below to open the gallery and then click on a picture to start the slideshow if you want to see the pictures that way.

 By Category

Cars And Trucks

Vroom! Vroom!


Items with a twist 🙂

Other Places

Canada and Bermuda


More Images Coming Soon

Toronto - Various Shots

Trinity College

Trinity College School is a Private Boys School in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

Various Pictures

The Mixed Bag 🙂

Winter In the Park

Toronto's Lawrence Park



 By Medium

Metalic Paper

These images are done on metalic paper. The paper isn't metal but is designed to give items that are metalic in nature that extra punch when look for those highlights in the picture.

Flex Paper

These Images are put onto flex paper to enhance their contrast and visual effects.

Fine Art Paper

These items are printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rage Fine Art Paper for maximum life and longevity- estimated life span when not exposed to direct sunlight is about 200 years. Your grand kids and maybe even your great-grand kids might have the images you purchase today - tomorrow.

Photographic Paper

Images on Regular Photographic Paper

Christmas / Holiday / Greeting Cards

Christmas Cards

Christmas or Holiday Cards are sold at $5.00 each or in $20.00 for a package of 5.

Invitation Cards

Coming Soon