Here is a list and or an explanation of some of the terms that I use on my website. I’m redoing the page so it’s not completed and will be adding on more as I go.

Some of the Codes used on the site

OE – Open Edition

LE – Limited Edition

FA – Fine Art paper

M – Metallic Paper

FL – Flex Paper

SP – Standard Photographic Paper

NFS – Not currently for sale

So if you see a title such as:
LE-Picture 01, it would be a limited edition print

Prints come in two types, these are:

Open Editions

I produce what I like, size, shape, numbers, what mediums to use etc. However, just because the item is open, doesn’t mean I go crazy doing this that and the other with it. Sometimes I just might print off one or two items and that’s it.

Limited Editions

I only produce a set of 15 at any given size. 8×10, 16×20, etc. Once produced, production of that size stops.
These are investment pieces and are my best images.

Medium / Paper Type

The photographic image can be enhanced by the (medium) paper type that it is on.

Metallic / Flex Paper
Shiny or metallic images that have high contrast features pop out (are more noticeable) when use this type of paper.

Standard Photographic paper is just that, standard. No claims of longevity of the image lasting are made and are good if you just want an image. If you are into collecting or want to pass an image onto your children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren then you should go with my fine art images.

Fine Art Paper
Just to clarify, I think all of my works are to be called ‘fine art’ but this paper is different. It’s designed to last hundreds of years under the right conditions so that the image looks just as good as the day I printed it. What is this paper you say? It’s Hahnemuehle – made in Germany and they have been making paper since 1584. You can read more if you like via this link: https://www.hahnemuehle.com/en/index.html


I retain the copyright on all of my images.

If you purchase an image, you are purchasing that image on whatever the medium it is printed on.

IT DOES NOT PERMIT YOU to take that image and use it for something else or to reproduce it in any fashion thereafter.

This is done for two reasons. Reason One – it preserves my livelihood and, Reason Two – it preserves the value of the print that you have purchased.